Relief Valves & Vent Covers

Tank pressure protection and safety relief devices are critical to the safe storage of oil and other petroleum products in your facility storage tanks. If your operation does not have a valve or cover that operates properly it could lead to disastrous results due to the improper control of internal pressures, including rupturing or imploding storage tanks.

Secure Enviro Systems’ tank pressure and safety relief valves offer a solution to rising storage tank pressure levels. Our systems provide solutions to prevent ruptures or implosions/explosions and allow your storage tanks to operate safely and efficiently.

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves (PVRV)

We know that your operation has efficiency and safety at top of mind. You require a Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve (PVRV) that fits your machinery exactly and increases efficiency and safety. Our PVRVs protect against positive or vacuum overpressure.

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Pressure Relief Valves

If your operation does not have protection against positive or vacuum overpressurization it could lead to losing your product through evaporation. It could even lead to potentially toxic and explosive vapours endangering your team.

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Vacuum Relief Valves

Our vacuum relief valves implement the latest technologies to protect your tanks from air entering through vacuum conditions that could drain fluids from the system and could lead to your equipment being damaged. Ensure your equipment is running efficiently and properly with Secure Enviro’s vacuum relief valves.

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Emergency Vent Covers

Secure Enviro offers hinged emergency vent covers to provide your operation with an optimal safety system. Our vent covers provide emergency pressure relief for storage tanks when they are exposed to pressures that cannot be handled by standard tank vents.

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Gauge Hatch Covers

Secure Enviro’s gauge hatch covers allow for ease of access for gauging, measuring temperatures or obtaining product samples from storage tanks. To ensure you are using the most efficient equipment, our gauge hatch covers are designed, manufactured and tested according to the KSPC standard code.

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Flame Arrestors

Secure Enviro offers flame arrestors to ensure the safe operation of your equipment. Our flame arrestors are passive devices, with no moving parts, that allow gas to pass through them but stop the spread of the flames from the exposed side of the unit.

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Gas Blanketing Valves

The gas blanketing valves offered by Secure Enviro help gas pressures maintain a constant state within your storage tanks. When liquid runs out from storage vessels or a vacuum state takes place because of temperature drops, our gas blanket valves control the desired pressure within the fixed limits.

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Rupture Disks

Whether it is from a sudden rise in pressure or an excessive change in temperature in the operational environment that cannot be supported by other safety devices, implementing a rupture disk can ensure the safe operation of your equipment. Secure Enviro’s rupture disks offer a solution to a number of safety applications. They are also able to help keep operations efficient and economical.

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