Gas Blanketing Valves

The gas blanketing valves offered by Secure Enviro help gas pressures maintain a constant state within your storage tanks. When liquid runs out from storage vessels or a vacuum state takes place because of temperature drops, our gas blanket valves control the desired pressure within the fixed limits. Our blanket valves prevent air and humidity from entering into storage vessels so it can prevent fluids from evaporation and protect your storage tanks from potential explosions.

Our gas blanket valves are also designed and manufactured to meet API 2000 6th Edition certifications.


  • A range of sizes available to fit your existing equipment (DST-100 Model DN 15 to DN 25 and DST-200 Model DN 40 to DN 50)
  • Made of reliable materials (Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316 with various trims)
  • ANSI 150lb flanges come standard


Pressure Capacity

DST 100 model
179-1060 Nm3/hr

DST 200 model
465-2760 Nm3/hr


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