Rupture Disks

Whether it is from a sudden rise in pressure or an excessive change in temperature in the operational environment that cannot be supported by other safety devices, implementing a rupture disk can ensure the safe operation of your equipment. Secure Enviro’s rupture disks offer a solution to a number of safety applications. They are also able to help keep operations efficient and economical.


  • Optimized materials and structure (choose from a range of materials)
  • Accurate rupture pressure
  • Instantaneous release of maximum capacity
  • There is almost no limitation in the manufactured size
  • There is a wide environment scope for use (strong corrosive nature, high temperature, low temperature, liquid, gas, steam, dust, powder, polymer, etc.)
  • Complete tight seal


  • Extends the life of other components including the safety valves
    • Also allows you to perform field tests on the safety valve if the rupture disc is separate
  • Reduce material costs versus paying for expensive replacement safety valves


  • Single safety device
  • In combination with a safety valve
  • Using two or more safety devices (secondary case)
  • Safety device against exterior fires


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