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In The Heart of Alberta

Secure EnViro Has Been Designing
Oil and Gas
Solutions For
Over 25 Years!

Secure EnViro and our innovative load line box design was created after seeing the need within the oil & gas industry for a solution for a labour and time intensive process. Many oil & gas companies experience oil spillages at loading facilities. Our truck out and load line boxes are designed to be user friendly, cost effective and time saving. What once took hours has become a 20 minute job for one person with our spill containment boxes. An added benefit was that these new oil catching solutions also lessened the contamination of the environment.


Our company has been designing pig trap boxes and blow down boxes for pneumatic applications for over 25 years. As companies take more steps towards protecting the environment, the solutions provided by Secure EnViro have become more and more important. Since 1995, tens of thousands of load line boxes have been used by oil companies across western Canada.

Secure EnViro Systems has built and installed multi valve units for Shell Canada in various locations throughout British Columbia including Vancouver Island for off loading fuel barges at docks and off loading trains in Northern B.C.

Secure EnViro has also expanded our commitment to our customers by supplying solutions for tank safety with tank pressure and safety relief valves.

Image by Klim Musalimov
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