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Whether it is from a sudden rise in pressure, or an excessive change in temperature in the operational environment , Secure Enviro has the solution to support your operation. Our products continue to evolve and improve, thanks to the feedback of our clients and partners, ensuring that the Secure EnViro products continue to be the top of the line, quality solution you expect for your business. 

KSPC - Image - KSFI Deflagration Inline Flame Arrestor - A.png

Flame Arrestors and Detonation Arrestors

Secure EnViro offers flame arrestors and detonation arrestors to ensure the safe operation of your equipment. Our arrestors are passive devices, with no moving parts, that allow gas to pass through them but stop the spread of the flames from the exposed side of the unit. Our equipment implements a 316L stainless steel crimped metal ribbon type flame cell element. As well, they produce a matrix of uniform openings that are carefully constructed to quench the flame by absorbing the heat.

To ensure the safety and efficiency of our arrestors, they are all designed, manufactured and tested according to API 2000, British Standard Specification Code BS7244 and EN 12874/ISO 16852.


  • Made from reliable materials (aluminum, nodular iron, cast steel, SS304, SS 316, SS316L with various trims)

  • A range of sizes available to fit your existing equipment (DN 15 to DN 600)

  • ANSI 150lb flanges come standard

  • Flame cells: NEC group D or IEC IIA Gases (Other gas groups all available as extras)


Operating Temperature @ Pressure

+60C (140F) @ 1.1 bar abs

Additional Features

  • Steam jacket type

  • Steam tracing type

The gas blanketing valves offered by Secure EnViro help gas pressures maintain a constant state within your storage tanks. When liquid runs out from storage vessels or a vacuum state takes place because of temperature drops, our gas blanket valves control the desired pressure within the fixed limits. Our blanket valves prevent air and humidity from entering into storage vessels so it can prevent fluids from evaporation and protect your storage tanks from potential explosions.

Our gas blanket valves are also designed and manufactured to meet API 2000 6th Edition certifications.


  • A range of sizes available to fit your existing equipment (DST-100 Model DN 15 to DN 25 and DST-200 Model DN 40 to DN 50)

  • Made of reliable materials (Stainless Steel 304 and Stainless Steel 316 with various trims)

  • ANSI 150lb flanges come standard


Pressure Capacity

DST 100 model
179-1060 Nm3/hr

DST 200 model
465-2760 Nm3/hr

Gas Blanketing Valves 

KSPC - Image - Blanketing Valve (1)_edited.png
KSPC - Image - Tank Sampling Device_edited.png

Tank Sampling Devices

It can be difficult to gauge tank levels and take samples without disrupting the tank pressure. With the slot dipping devices offered by Secure Enviro you can easily gauge liquid level heights, measure the depth of water bottoms, take tank temperatures and retrieve samples, all without relieving the tank pressure and losing vapours. Our slot dipping devices are designed for easy installation and operation.


  • A range of sizes available to fit your existing equipment (4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”)

  • Made of reliable materials (Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316 and Teflon)

  • ANSI 150lb flanges come standard, with different types available upon request

  • Easy installation and operation

  • Inside wipers available to ensure clear visual

Rapture Discs

Whether it is from a sudden rise in pressure or an excessive change in temperature in the operational environment that cannot be supported by other safety devices, implementing a rupture disk can ensure the safe operation of your equipment. Secure EnViro’s rupture disks offer a solution to a number of safety applications. They are also able to help keep operations efficient and economical.


  • Optimized materials and structure (choose from a range of materials)

  • Accurate rupture pressure

  • Instantaneous release of maximum capacity

  • There is almost no limitation in the manufactured size

  • There is a wide environment scope for use (strong corrosive nature, high temperature, low temperature, liquid, gas, steam, dust, powder, polymer, etc.)

  • Complete tight seal


  • Extends the life of other components including the safety valves

    • Also allows you to perform field tests on the safety valve if the rupture disc is separate

  • Reduce material costs versus paying for expensive replacement safety valves


  • Single safety device

  • In combination with a safety valve

  • Using two or more safety devices (secondary case)

  • Safety device against exterior fires

KSPC - Image - Rupture Disk_edited.png
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